Ready To Go Programs

Personal Best has developed Ready To Go Programs that make it easy for people to learn new skills relevant to each of our 5 core areas of specialty. Case studies can be changed to reflect participants’ workplace and Ready To Go Programs can be deployed quickly.


Leadership and Management

The Pillars of Leadership

This program helps leaders find the leadership pathway that works best for them and their organisation. Acknowledging and welcoming individual differences, the program builds diverse and credible leaders who base their leadership on solid core values and the emotional intelligence that underpins all effective leaders.

Program overview

Customer Experience

1. Customer Experience Program

Personal Best has 6 interactive 3.5 hour learning modules that provide a sequential build of capability to provide an exemplary Customer Experience.  Organisations may select one module or a combination of modules that best suits their learning needs.

Program overview

2. Managing Difficult Service Situations

No matter how wonderful the service, every organisation has its share of difficult service situations to deal with. The aim of this program is to ensure a skills base that enables service providers to deal professionally and confidently with difficult situations in a way that enhances the customer's experience and delivers work satisfaction for service providers.

Program overview

Performance and Development

Performance and Development Conversations that Motivate

This program focuses on elements of performance and development that can be readily applied to any organisation. It includes the following topics: collaborating to agree development needs and plans; supporting continual performance improvement with all team members, from high to under-performers; providing and receiving honest, constructive and regular feedback on performance; coaching.

Change Management

Leading Change

The ability to lead and implement change is a leadership competency that separates great leaders from ordinary ones and achievers from non-achievers. Leading Change provides participants with an overview of the principles of change and introduces a model of change that can be used whenever implementing change in the workplace.

Program overview

Team Effectiveness

Together We Achieve More

Extensive research has been conducted to determine why some teams are more successful than others. The results indicate that team effectiveness rests on: members of a team contributing their technical and professional ability and expertise and according to a team role that contributes to the teamwork of the group; the knowledge team members have of each other, and how they use this knowledge. In particular, members of effective teams have a better knowledge of each other’s strengths and differences and use this knowledge within the team to ensure it performs at its peak.

This program is designed to enhance these attributes in the team.