“The organisations that do the best over time
are those that prepare a ready supply of future leaders, wiring leadership capability into the organisation’s DNA”.

Narelle Hooper, Australian Financial Review Boss Magazine, January 2008.

Leadership and Management Development

Our leadership and management development programs are designed for executives, managers, high potential leaders and supervisors, and are customised to the unique needs of each organisation.

Programs are interactive and experientially based to allow participants to explore and discover for themselves how leadership works best for them and their organisation.  

A broad range of training methodologies are used.  Case studies, questionnaires, real life scenarios, pre-recorded or acted scenarios, guest speakers, music and videos bring the learning to life and make the learning experience memorable. 

Intent on ensuring learning is implemented, all programs are supported with learning strategies that tap into 70:20:10 learning principles and ensure leadership development is effective and ongoing.

Our leadership and management development initiatives help participants to:

1. Identify capabilities
Identify, then develop leadership capabilities required to lead authentically and support business strategy.

2. Increase self-awareness
Increase self-awareness of personal attributes, preferences and styles, and the impact these have on followers and others.

3. Engage, collaborate and innovate
Learn how to motivate and engage people in order to collaborate for innovative solutions and buy in.

4. Lead change
Recognise how to lead change and implement sound change management practices.

5. Build high performance teams
Increase participant’s ability to develop high performance teams.

6. Develop personal and interpersonal competence
Improve awareness and competence in areas such as emotional intelligence, effective communication, influence and dealing with conflict.