Customised Solutions

Our Customised Solutions recognise the uniqueness of each organisation.  We are committed to gaining a real understanding of our clients' specific learning needs. Our customised programs: are based on a clear and thorough understanding of client requirements; are specifically tailored to client learning needs; leverage current research, include internationally recognised content and identified best practice; deliver strong, clear documentation; focus on excellent quality and interactive facilitation.

We base our solutions on sound 10:20:70 learning principles

Personal Best is dedicated to ensuring the learning solutions it delivers are effective. Workshops are an important component of our learning solutions. We also offer clients a full range of learning activities, including those listed below, that ensure people implement the learning in the workplace and continue to develop over the longer term.

  • Pre and post workshop reading and activities
  • Customised workshops
  • Webinars
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Support for mentoring
  • Liaison with participants' managers to support learning
  • Workplace action planning
  • Development of appropriate KPI’s
  • Development and follow up of participant 90 Day Plans
  • Gauge return on investment for individual learners
  • Participant reporting on learning achievements