“It is a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead change – and find no-one there”.

Franklin D Roosevelt 

Change Management

Organisational change can be a challenge to navigate – both for leaders and staff – yet it is an ongoing and iterative process in most organisations.

At Personal Best, we believe the best way to deal with change is to create an environment of transparency and communication, removing the mystery and fear where possible and helping people to understand what is happening and why – and how that affects them.

We offer both change management consulting where we partner with clients to enable them to successfully facilitate change, and change management training programs.

Change Management Consulting

Change management consulting initiatives can:

1. Articulate context
Articulate the organisational context and rationale for the change.

2. Define expectations
Define organisational outcomes and individual performance expectations.

3. Identify capabilities
Identify the capabilities required to implement the change.

4. Assess readiness
Assess readiness for, and understand resistance to, the change.

5. Embed the change
Provide strategies for communicating the change, building organisational support, managing resistance and embedding the change.

Learning Solutions to support the change

Change management workshops provide an opportunity to create a consensus for a client’s new direction and provide people with the competence to implement the change.

Our change management programs provide tools for people to:

1. Lead change
Equip managers to lead change.

2. Understand change
Help employees understand that change is a necessary and ongoing process, which can be managed effectively and benefit the organisation and the individual.

3. Embrace change
Create an understanding of the change taking place and generate a commitment to it.

4. Manage change
Develop skills in problem solving and change management techniques.

Provide models and frameworks to increase self-awareness and the ability to manage transitions and perform and grow with the change.